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Livingston County Farm Bureau Gun Club


The Livingston County Farm Bureau purchased 21.05 acres of timber and pasture land in Pontiac, Illinois from S. Ambrose E. and Irene Splear on March 16, 1946. The price was $6,315. This property became known as 4-H Park or the Livingston County Fair Association fairgrounds. In the Articles of Agreement with Splears it was agreed that if they still owned the adjacent property they would have the first option to re-purchase said land if it was sold by Farm Bureau.


On January 1, 1973, the Livingston County Farm Bureau leased a portion of the fairgrounds to the Pontiac Sportsmen’s Club for a term of 10 years, $100 per year.  The Pontiac Sportsmen’s Club leased the property until July, 1986. At that time the Pontiac Sportsmen’s Club sold their interests in the trap and skeet range which included buildings and equipment to the Livingston County Farm Bureau for $4,000. $2,000 paid on July 1, 1986 and the balance of $2,000 paid July 1, 1987.


All Year:

Sunday's: Practice starts at 10 am

After Daylight Savings Time:

Sunday's:Practice starts at 10 am

Mondays: Practice starts at 4 pm


Farm Bureau members:

Bird practice: $5.00 per round

Skeet: $5.00 per round

Non-Farm Bureau members

Bird practice: $5.50 per round

Skeet: $5.50 per round

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